Cy - S.I.T.E. Safety

Cy - S.I.T.E. Safety (Cyber Safety Informational Training and Education)

In 2017, Canadians spent more time online than any other country in the world. In that same year, nearly 1 billion people were victims of cyberattacks. These figures will undoubtedly increase in years to come as society surges towards more digital connections. Your members will be at greater of risk cyber attacks if they are not prepared.

The Cy - S.I.T.E. Safety training is for your members to see how their personal online activities can affect your organization’s security. How your members are interacting on social media platforms, online dating sites, and online forums to name to a few, can have a direct negative consequence.

Preparing your members with the relevant training of the potential pitfalls will impact your organization exponentially.

Cy - S.I.T.E. Security

Cy - S.I.T.E. ( Cyber Security Informational Training and Education)

In 2017, the estimated cost of cybercrimes to Canadian citizens and companies was over 3 billion dollars. Globally that amount was over 600 billion dollars, and by 2021, that estimate will reach a staggering 6 TRILLION dollars. The impact your members will play in preventing cybercrimes in your organization will up to the training and education you provide.

The Cy - S.I.T.E. Security training builds upon the personal preventative skills learned in Cy - S.I.T.E. Safety. Your members will receive relevant training on the trending cyber criminal techniques being employed and countermeasures to prevent data breaches and compromises.

NO organization in this modern age is immune to the potential of being a victim of a cybercrime. By training of your members in addition to the information infrastructure backup solutions you have in place, your organization will be more resilient.