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Episode Two: Breadcrumbs & attribution — Mapping out the training gap in digital investigations.

We speak with Nick Ibbott, a retired police detective with 30 years of experience with the York Regional Police in Ontario. Nick has recently founded L.E.A.D. Solutions Inc…….We wade into the cyber landscape with Ibbott and the law enforcement training gap he’s seeing when it comes to wrangling digital crimes and investigations. A big question he’s hearing is: “How do we attribute crimes when all this data is floating around?”


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Vetting & Court Disclosure for Online Investigations. An Expert Opinion

I reached out to Nick Ibbott, former police officer and founder of L.E.A.D. Solutions Inc. to get some perspective on vetting. Nick has years of experience in law enforcement, and has dealt with his fair share of disclosure before…..

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KNOW TECH TALK - Episode 12 York Regional Police

Can you pass a fraud test? What do you do when you realize you have been a victim of an IT Scam? Barbara Paluszkiewicz talks with York Regional Police Detectives Nick Ibbott of the Cybercrime and Technical Data Recovery Unit and Detective Karim Bardai of the Organized Crime Bureau Major Frauds Unit…….

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Blue Line - Canada’s Law Enforcement Magazine


Top six cybercrime prevention tips - Advice for law enforcement professionals to pass along to cybercrime victims

It’s hard to imagine a time when our business’s products and records go missing or can’t be accessed, or when the personal things we hold dear can’t be used or looked at — all within a blink of the eye……………..